Posted by: bennimmo | July 13, 2009

Light Bulbs


This came up while doing a logo for a friend. He is starting his own business as an electrician. Not sure what he will make of it, yet, but these samples are the remnants of playing with the outer frame of the light bulb. Some parts of the inside are taken from free dingbat fonts that i found on

Posted by: bennimmo | July 13, 2009

Eagle Heads


I was asked to create a logo with an eagle. This one didn’t make it, but I still think its worth putting on the web for you people out there. Three eagles with slightly different expressions on the face.

Posted by: bennimmo | July 13, 2009

Hour Glass


I had to illustrate a poem in a calendar. It had to do with patience and time. Often I don’t have the right idea for an illustration – then I go to google and type “patience time”, check the images. Then I know what I want to use as an illustration. Sometimes it helps to make an other search e.g. “hour glass”. Then I find the right images that I can use as examples to recreate my own illustration. Fast and simple way of getting the right inspiration.

Posted by: bennimmo | November 5, 2008

Give me some Feedback

I have seen that quite a few people have found my website and have downloaded some of my files. That’s great and that is what this site is for. But so far only a few people have actually given me feedback about the freebies. Tell me what you think …

Posted by: bennimmo | October 10, 2008

Time for Rust

As time goes by things age. One sign of such aging can be rusty old metal. I was looking for some grunge style background and found these metal tables in our back yard. They are perfect for a rugged texture for some of my designs. Maybe you want to use them, too. Click the image to download these three high-res images for free.

Posted by: bennimmo | October 1, 2008

I created my own Font

Thanks to Fontifier I was able to make my own font for only nine Dollars. I wanted to do this for ages. My sister told me about it after she also created her handwriting (you can download that one, too – on her website). This is not really my handwriting, but I write like this when I want to highlight something in my journal. Just in case you are interested, click the image to download.

Posted by: bennimmo | September 27, 2008

Photoshop Background

Download Layered Photoshop file

At Media Village we have many students coming for a three month course and then going again. In our staircase we have displays of all those students. Since I joined to be the graphic artist of Media Village we hadn’t done any of these posters – also before that – I think since 2006. So we were far behind. Now I worked on them (not the most rewarding work, I must say) and created these background images for the posters.

Click the image to download it for free. You will find that I like using layer masks and adjustment layers. This way these files are very flexble and great to share with other designers.

Posted by: bennimmo | September 25, 2008

Finally a Photoshop file

Now this has taken a while. As long as I am a lite user I can’t upload files larger than 10MB, but now I have found some significant ways to down-size a psd file. One of them is to put a white layer right on top of the layers, so to keep the thumbnail very simple. It really reduces the file a lot. Check here. So here is my first upload of a large background image that I used for a people poster. It is A3 in size – high res.

Posted by: bennimmo | September 17, 2008

Greasy Recipe Paper

Recently I was shown an old piece of paper. Probably over 25 years old. It had a recipe of a cake written on it and it was full of dried egg and oil marks. I asked if I could keep it. So I scanned it and saved it in high res for you to use as a cool texture. Click the image to download.

Posted by: bennimmo | September 15, 2008

CD and DVD Logos

I do a lot of DVD covers for Media Village and I heard that it is not allowed to use the DVD logo on our products (it’s the one we all know). So I did some research and found out that in deed there is a trademark thing on the logo and you have to actually pay if you want to use it. Check here!

Then I went looking if anyone has posted some sensible logos out there that convey the message that “inside this box you will find a disc that you can play in your DVD player”. Nothing. Either there is no big need for DVD-Logos or everyone is using the logo without permission. How ever.

I thought to myself I will come up with my own, also because the official one is quite ugly. Not just ugly, but also unfunctional. I constantly come across new kinds of discs and the logo needs to be adapted to each individual need. Well, it needs to be a flexible logo then. Here is what I came up with – a free dvd-logo and a free cd-logo!

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